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Breaking Addictions

"Breaking Addiction is destined to become
a self - help classic for understanding
repetitive, excessive, and self - destructive
behavior patterns...." By Dr. Lance Dodes

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Inspiration to Life

This is a video showing the true life
story of a boy without arms and legs.

First Things That Last Forever

"Are you struggling? Are you anxious? Do you
feel defeated or alone, even though you have accomplished much in your life? Are you happy with what you have, or do you constantly have
to replace these things with new ones? Is there always another plateau you have to reach?"
By Fran Rogers

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Breaking Addictions

"I was only twelve when I started taking alcohol. My parents have been addicts since I was born. So in junior high school, my mom introduced me to it, she said. Nerve-breaking school work ended me in misery on a particular day after school. When mom immediately offered an alcohol, I thought to myself..." By Nuamah K. Emmanuel

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Rise Up

"Are you bound by the chains of your past? Are you lost, unable to see your unique significance? Do you feel that everything negative is a result of your own doing, perhaps even something you deserve?..." By Jessica L Vera, PH.D

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