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Welcome to MotivationalScholar

It's good to have you here. Motivationalscholar is about encouraging and helping people especially those facing challenges or going through rough times at this point in their lives, family, and community. We provide daily inspirational quotes, interact, and share ideas with people through this website or on our vibrant social media network. However, we do not offer counseling services but words of inspiration. We help direct people to motivational resources or materials. We want people to stay strong no matter how hard things may be for them now (because time changes, season changes), knowing that this too shall pass. Thank you for joining us, stay tuned.

Are you or someone you know having a rough time?

Don't worry, we've had similar challenges, we've overcome some, and that's why we're here to support you through the storm.

Does nothing seem to be working for you at this time?

Don't give up, because if you don't quit, you'll eventually overcome. Remember "winners never quit, and quitters never win" - Richard Nixon.

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Do you need help finding  inspirational messages?

We're glad you came to the right place. Please feel free to browse through our website, it's a pleasure having you here.

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